Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Who ever said the law isn't sexy?" -

Dr. Laura, gay marriage, muslims and pot brownies are just a few of the legal controversies tackled with wit and humor by Lex Appeal, a blog/weekly podcast intended to put the luster back in law. The treatment is in-depth and the production values are great.

I recommend as a place to start the two-part piece on "crush" video legislation and judicial review.. The piece includes not only a short video of the less-offensive grape-crushing video that gives an insight into this dark fetish, as well as an interview with Mr. Crush himself, Jeff Vilencia.

Creators Matthew S. Schwartz and Ben Steffans provide a much-needed resource for those who don't have time to digest thick court decisions, and like their law served with a healthy dose of entertainment. Here's the provocative grape-crushing video:

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