Monday, April 20, 2009

Borat Soundtrack

Borat Soundtrack (warning: explicit lyrics?)

...While Borat has become Kazakhstan's best-known (if not actually real) export, be warned that are no tunes from that country on the soundtrack. Instead, the music selection consists of mostly upbeat, brassy tunes from the Balkans (not even in the vicinity of Kazakhstan, a Central Asian land) by the likes of Kocani Orkestar and Esma Redzepova (from Macedonia); Fanfare Ciocarlia, Stefan de la Barbulesti, and Mahala Rai Banda (from Romania); and the peripatetic Goran Bregovic (from Bosnia and Herzegovina). Best of the lot: Fanfare Ciocarlia's tuba-heavy take on "Born to Be Wild." --Elisabeth Vincentelli

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