Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Borat's Back -- As "Bruno"

Sacha Baron Cohen will repeat the Borat formula by bringing another of his TV personalities, "Bruno" to the big screen. The film is due for release July 10 of this year.

Bruno's goal is "to be the most famous Austrian since Hitler."

MTV deems the Bruno film "squirm-worthy" and suggests that it makes the Borat film "look like child's play."

Fans attending the South by Southwest Film Festival in Texas watched the flamboyantly gay Austrian storm Milan fashion week. Ron Paul is also caught in Bruno's web. In the film, Ron Paul is duped into appearing with Bruno in a dark hotel room in what is sure to be a controversial scene.

For a sneak peak at the new film, showing how Cohen succeeds in pranking yet more college kids, see preview of "Bruno."

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